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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  May 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, it is 6:00 a.m. on a sunday morning. sky6 live hd will hopefully give you this look right there, cape may, new jersey. the weather was almost perfect on the beach and, of course, the boardwalk. the question how will the rest of the memorial day weekend be? >> chris sowers is here, timing is key, right. >> reporter: the timing is going
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to be overnight. timing is key. today is similar to yesterday, minus the shower threat we'll see clouds and sun fairly comfortable temperatures looking like a nice day. 49 in quakertown and pottstown. 55 in warminster. 58 in malvern. center city, 62. a lot of upper 50s and low 60s to the southeast. woodbine, 60. 58 in dover, 59 in fortescue, browns mill, 53. there were the showers over the delaware bay region they hit around 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. now we're seeing a combination of sun and clouds as you can see not much is going on. today is a nice day. it will be fairly dry i'm not expecting much in the way of precipitation this afternoon. it's overnight tonight the clouds rain move in.
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it's pleasant, 67 degrees. i'll track the rain on future tracker 6 and have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for memorial day. >> take the 6abc app with you this holiday weekend. take a look at traffic cameras and road conditions and take a look at storm tracker 6 live radar right there on your phone or tablet. the # abc app is a -- 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. we have breaking news in north philadelphia where firefighters are searching burnt out home. you see the intense scene right there. crews are seeing if anyone was inside. the flames ravaged two homes on montgomery avenue. there are concerns both homes were occupied. the flames consumed all three floors of the two affected row homes. a number of 911 calls started coming in. firefighters responded with multiple trucks and ladders. they pulled out a young child
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who suffered serious burns. we're awaiting word of that child's condition. take a live look at the picture, via the action cam, this is the scene at 6th and montgomery. as we mentioned crews are there searching for other victims that might have been caused in the devastating fires. you come see the water right there, going through the windows of the home. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news story and details as we get them, stay tuned to 6abc and memorial day commemorations continue this weekend many saluting those who died while serving our armed forces. >> philadelphia memorial is among the places where people are saying thank you. trish hartman thousands of people down the shore enjoying the holiday weekend but remembering those who gave their lives.
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>> reporter: even in the drizzle there was plenty to do down the shore. veterans groups local law enforcement and other volunteers lined up in wildwood for the annual memorial day parade. >> i fought in the war in a monsoon season this little bit of rain doesn't bother me. >> reporter: as the motor motorcycle and truck also made their way through down, the skies clear. the annual parade is organized by the vietnam veterans of america and ended at the vietnam wall on ocean avenue. the names of 25 veterans who died from cape may county were ready. >> we're having a great time, but there's a reason for the holiday. it's what's it's all about. >> we have a fortunate life because of the sacrifice of all the young guys and women that did what this did, so we could have what we had. >> reporter: organizers say it only takes a few moments to
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appreciate the sacrifice something that doesn't take away from the family fun. >> we expect them to be with their family and friends and go on the boardwalk, that's why the guys died to keep the american lifestyle. >> reporter: if you want to pay tribute there are plenty of ceremonies on monday there's one veterans park? sea isle city monday at 10:00 a.m. reporting from sea isle city, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> we're waiting to hear whether police has caught a suspected hit-and-run driver in willingboro burlington county. a honda struck a man at millbrook lane at 10:00 p.m. the victim was pronounced at the hospital. police recovered the vehicle about a mile away from where the man was hit. police have not said if the driver was in custody. if you're just waking up, british airways working to get
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back to normal schedule. some people spent the night at heathrow airport waiting for an update on their flights. they canceled outline flights. a power supply issue and outage is responsible. they hope to restore all it systems by the end of the day. musicians stranded at philadelphia airport from the curtis school of music. they reported the chaos. >> the system was down. >> reporter: the musicians spent 12 hours at the airport before returning to their hotel. the symphony orchestra is in london that includes 9 cities in 18 days. they are trying to get to austria where they have a performance that will takes place tomorrow. they plan to scheduled a charter
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plane to get them to their scheduled stops. tsa said they pick up an empty pressure cooker in a brown bag. that led to the evacuation of terminal a. police are trying to figure out who left the pressure cooker there and why. >> president donald trump is back at the white house after his first trip overseas. he has returned to find out the russian controversy has not gone away. a reporter asked if his son-in-law jared kushner set up a back channel with the russians. the president ignored the question. white house official said kushner is eager to cooperate with alliries. best wishes are pouring in
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for jim bunting who passed away from a stroke. those fans will never forget his perfect game against the mets on father's day in 1964. it was a great season. bunting was hired in 1971. striking out almost 3,000 batters in his career. his number 14 is retired by the phillies one of several feems for whom he -- teams for whom he played. he served 20 years in congress representing kentucky. >> if we cannot pay for a bill that all 100 senators support, how can we tell the american people with a straight face that we will fer pay for -- ever pay for anything. >> baseball manager said he led an extraordinary life.
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mitch mcconnell hailed him as a a larger than life personality. we'll see how the phillies remember bunning ahead in sports. funeral plans are being set for greg allman an influential voice with a sweet southern sound. allman was a founding member of the allman mother's band known for melissa and midnight rider. he overcame personal tragedies including losing his brother dwayne in 1971. he pairveld the wade for -- the band paved the way for several other noted southern rock acts. he died of liver cancer. leaves behind a legacy at the
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age of 69. >> he was a so you feel pioneer. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. a shark attack caught on camera, the man bitten survived. you'll hear from witnesses as it played out. >> a teen talks about saving his nephew from a burning home. you'll hear what helped the teen find the toddler. clouds and sunshine, more rain on the way overnight tonight. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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this is an amazing and shocking video of a shark attack off a california coast. you can see the great white circling the kayaker, and knocks him into the water and chomps down on the kayak like a chew toy. onlookers looked on in horror. frightening a family in the sailboat saw the man and came to his rescue. this comes after recent warnings that more sharks are lurking close to the california coastline. we'll hear from experts on how
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to stay safe when you're near a shark. >> turning now to accuweather, lots of people wanting to go into the water at the shore. >> reporter: the only issue with going in the water that water is cold. i think the ocean temperature is 59. that's a little too chilly for me. otherwise it's not too bad down there today. combination of sun and clouds, it should stay dry, a nice day overall. in the meantime let's get you outside. live at the philadelphia international airport waking up to a combination of sun and clouds, fairly comfortable temperatures. double scan live is clear, which is a good sign. it should stay that way today. we had showers push franklin institute delaware bay region. today is fine. today temperatures, 62, dewpoint is creeping up a little bit. 60 degrees is the dewpoint. pressure is holding steady. the winds are officially calmed in the city, but picking up somewhat of a breeze down the
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shore. 52 in allentown, 62 in millville. wilmington, 61. 59 in dover, cape may, 61. the breezes are fairly light. note the direction they have shifted off the water, ocean temperature 59 or 60 degrees, because the wind is off the water, the shorepoints will be cooler. high temperatures inland, 76, 77. on the sand, 66 degrees, a good ten degrees cooler. satellite and radar clearly nothing going on, just a couple of showers over the appalachian states this morning everybody else waking up to a combination of sun and clouds, for today here's what we're looking at. as we look at future tracker 6 we'll stop around lunchtime. combination of sun and clouds, winds off the water, cooler temperatures down the shore, 7:00 p.m. it's more clouds than sun. the model is hinting at a spritz or sprinkle in the lehigh valley or the poconos most of us you
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won't see this. overnight tonight here comes the next round of rain that will cut north into the great lake states. it could be in the form of drenching downpours. note the yellows and oranges. note the time stamp. a lot of us will be sound asleep most of us us will pull out in time for the memorial day parade. by 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., we're looking at damp conditions, but drying at that point. by afternoon we're enjoying a combination of sun and clouds and the chance of pop-up shower. monday doesn't look like a wash, but damp from time to time. sun and clouds is the call from accuweather, pleasant with a high of 76 degrees. goarg -- going hour by hour, mainly cloudy skies and peeks of sun in the afternoon. 73 is the high for the day. in the poconos mostly cloudy skies, maybe a spritz or
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sprinkle later on, 68 degrees, memorial day cloudy and damp showers at times, 69. down the jersey shore, ocean temperature, 62 partly sunny, breezy, 67. for memorial day lots of clouds around a tad bit milder high of 75. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warming up next week, 82 degrees for memorial day, clouds and sun by afternoon maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, tuesday just the slightest chance of a thunderstorm, otherwise partly sunny high of 80. wednesday, breezy and pleasant high of 80 degrees, thursday, friday and saturday all look nice and dry, upper 70s combination of sun and clouds. guys? >> all right, chris, thank you. "the please touch museum" is throwing a party all weekend long. ♪ deejay was spinning tunes and
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the little ones and the big ones were showing off their tunes, kids can enjoy books and ice cream. it's open tomorrow morning from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. we'll be right back. >> uber ceo system in mourning
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after the death of his mother, she died in a boating accident in a lake near fresno,
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california on friday, the boat hit a rock and sank. she died at the scene. her husband was injured, but expected to recover. authorities are investigating this as an accident. the time, 6:21 a.m., this morning fbi is investigating after a newlywed from florida reportedly vanished on a sailing trip with her husband near the bahamas. they set off from cuba on may 14. they received a distress signal from the couple's boat off the coast of the bahamas. >> the initial report we had the boat struck an unknown object. they found the boat, they found bennett in the life raft but no sign of helman who was the mother of a 9-month-old daughter. a yearbook mistake left
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students in northern california heartbroken and crowd raged. 70 seniors were not included in the high school career book. they chose not to pay for a portrait with the understanding their i.d. photo would be used in the yearbook instead. the students were given supplemental pages with every senior included we'll be right back. you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?!
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back everyone, 6:24 a.m., sunday morning, temperatures are comfortable, 62 degrees in philadelphia. ten cooler in allentown. poconos 52. trenton, 54. cape may, 61. we'll go wider on satellite and
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radar, lots of clouds and unsettled across the heartland of the nation pushing into the ohio and tennessee valleys. this is a cold front here, some of the showers and thunderstorms developing with the front could impact the indianapolis 500 you can watch on 6abc this afternoon. meantime is if you're heading to the phillies game later on at citizens bank park, 1 5:00 p.m. start time against the cincinnati reds. temperatures in the mid 70s, look for clouds and peeks of sun. first pitch temperature, 5. 9th inning, 76. >> thank you. two of philadelphia's music legend took the stage for the first ever hoagie nation festival. ♪ >> hall and oats performed before the pact venue. hoagie nation is a celebration
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of everything that represents the city of brotherly love. >> 6:25 a.m., the phillies win a game and lose a lend. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, jim bunning spent 17 seasons in the majors, 6 with the phillies ending up having a hall of fame career, bunning died friday at 85. his defining moment came on father's day 1964. he won 224 games in his career and inducted in the hall of fame 1996. after his playing days were over he want into politics in kentucky. he became a u.s. senator. he suffered is a stroke back in october. phillies began yesterday's game with the reds with a moment to honor bunning. down 2-zip in the first, hernandez leads off the bottom half with a homer. michael saunders visitors the second deck, a solo shot, his
6:27 am
6th of the season, we're tied at 2. in the 4th inning, the ball is jumping. that's tommy joseph. s 8th home run of the season, 7th in the month of may. tied at three in the bottom of the 9th. joseph to the rescue again, it's joseph's second walkoff hit of the week, the 5th of the season, phillies win 4-3. >> you know hitting hard it can get into your head a little bit, last couple of days i felt good staying up the middle and doing a better job. >> i think we have five walk-offs so far, maybe we should try to play to a tie in the 9th and keep walking off. how long can the union keep the soccer ballling.
6:28 am
union has an opening, check out the defender, kicks it away at the very last moment! that was close. later in the first half, 36 minute on the give and go, he will get it back for the match's lone goal. the union lose 1-nill. that's are a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers. you have yourself a terrific day! breaking news right now one
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young child has been serious injured in a fire that burned two row homes in north philadelphia. firefighters are searching for other possible victims. >> it took multiple crews to get the scene under control on north 6th street near montgomery avenue. a live look at the scene, it is very active. the two row homes are three stories, they are burned out. you can see, again, firefighters on the scene trying to put out the fire. one child has been injured. we're trying to find out what other people might have been in the building at the time. please continue to stay with us on 6abc and as we gather more details on the search for more victims. >> let's get you caught up on the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers for this holiday weekend.
6:31 am
not too bad, some rain, though. >> reporter: i like this stuff. >> i like a lot actually. >> reporter: like days where we're getting blitz by the sun it's too hot. i think this is really, really nice. with that said there are showers and rain in the forecast overnight tonight. a beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge a few clouds upstairs, sun shining down. note the haze, the dewpoint is up a little bit. but not too bad. fairly comfortable. malvern, 58. warminster, 55. center city, 62. media, 56 degrees, and then low 60s upper 50s south and east. gandys beach, 59 look at the direction, the arrows, we're shifting the winds off the ocean, ocean temperature 62. shorepoints today inland locations top out in the mid 70s, the shorepoints top out in the mid 60s, places like cape may and margate 55 or 56
6:32 am
that's about it. increasing the clouds from the west, just like yesterday, a couple of showers across the appalachian states heavier moisture pushing south across the virginias and the carolinas, none of that affect us today. if you have a tee time good for you. here's what to expect, partly sunny, winds are light out of the east 5 to 15 miles per hour. 9:00 a.m. we're up to 68 degrees, by 1:00 p.m., 75 degrees, you may want to apply the sunscreen there will be peeks of sun, but we're expecting more in the way of clouds upstairs. 67 degrees in atlantic city. ocean city, 66. clouds and sun, winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. delaware beaches close to 70. cape may, 67, a low risk for rip countries. guys? >> all right, chris, thank you. 63 2:00 a.m., i want to --
6:33 am
6:32 a.m., i want to get you back to breaking news, the north philadelphia house fire, 3 people are dead, a 52-year-old woman, two children ages 7 and 9 years old. the row home fire we have learned three people are dead in the fire, 52-year-old woman, two children ages 7 and 9. heartbreaking story we have to report this morning, we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning, also be sure to check the website such a tragedy. british airways has not returned to full service after a systems outage brought flights to a halt. >> reporter: british airways passengers packed london heathrow and airport.
6:34 am
>> >> we've been given zero information by heathrow. >> reporter: saturday they issued this statement. >> we believe the root cause was the pidence of any cyber the stranded musicianscurtis institc middle of a tour t in 18 days. >> we heard the system wor ande airport trying to get tourned tt be things that happen on tour you ever to punches.
6:35 am
only hurdle thes had on their tour, this week during a bbc radio interview it was interrupted because of a bomb scare. everybody was okay. reporting outside philadelphia international airport, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> investigators have released newismages of the -- new images of the man they say carried out the bombing in manchester this is salman abedi taken on the the night of the attack. investigators believe the apartment was the place where the bomb was put together. the explosion killed 22 people outside a ariana grande concert. police have rounded up 11 suspects. >> we are getting a greater understanding of the preparation of the bomb. there will be more arrests and searches. >> thanks to the progress in the investigation, uk official
6:36 am
have lowered the country's threat level. 6:35 a.m., police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in the wynnfield section of philadelphia. the action cam was at that scene, the intersection of north will ton and hesston streets at 2:25 a.m., someone fired shots at the mann walking down the the street. the victim was taken to penn presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on what led to the shooting. this is a tragic story from virginia. a police officer a native of philadelphia was shot and killed during a traffic stop. michael walter was killed in richmond when he approached a vehicle parked on the side of the road. walter was 45 years old and born in philadelphia. he graduated from high school in salem county. new jersey. the alleged gunman who killed him has been arrested. walter was a former marine he is survived by his wife and three children. a teenager saved the life
6:37 am
of his 1-year-old nephew after fire broke out inside the family home. "action news" reporter, bob brooks spoke with the hero of the story from the teen's hospital belt. the 1,000 block road. not much iide. neighbors say thela black smoken the adults five little much becausen children his 1-year-old>> i wasg got up and went in.ho student te and in safety, a head count would
6:38 am
inside. neighbors say they watched the burning home. >> i started praying. >> reporter: edwards said the condition inside unbearable. >> i couldn't see anything i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: how did you find him? >> he could you have had. >> reporter: once inside he handed his mom the baby and collapsed. >> thank god. the way he came out, he passed out. >> rudy saved the family. >> reporter: he said he doesn't remember much after coming out. >> i felt disy, i laid down -- i felt dizzy and laid downer. i passed out a little bit. when i woke up i had a mask on. >> bumps and bruises. >> reporter: you're not surprised he ran back into the home. >> no i'm not surprised. >> reporter: he said i would do
6:39 am
it all again to save his family. that young man should be proud of himself, what is not okay is that family's home. we attached a phone number on our website to help them. if you would like to make a donation, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> 6:39 a.m. much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. sky6 live hd taking a live look right now from our temple university camera, you're looking at the center city skyline there, meteorologist chris sowers back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast from memorial day and beyond. >> a south jersey team lacrosse player overcomes a serious head injury how he did it is risky and inspiring we'll explain. >> the catch of the day, we'll explain that and and much more when "action news" continues.
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>> glad you're waking up with us, 6:42 a.m., president donald trump is back at the white house. abc's stephanie ramos is back looking at the week of highs and lows. >> reporter: president trump wraps up his trip overseas as questions about russia wait for him at home. the america's first president traveled outside his comfort zone meeting with allied leaders on their home turf. his first stop saudi arabia the heart of the islamic world a
6:43 am
symbolic choice, it was arguably the most successful part of the trip sealing a massive arms deal and calling to action to muslim leaders to tackle extremism. >> muslim nations must be take on the burden if we are to defeat terrorism and send its wicked ideology into owe bolivian. >> reporter: he went to israel and to the vatican and off to brussels where despite an awkward brush with the president of montenegro he under others to fight terrorism. jared kushner is under scrutiny for his alleged conversations with the russian opening up
6:44 am
secret channels with the kremlin. >> i encounter and aware of information and intelligence that revealed caghts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. >> with former fbi director james comey set to publicly testify before the senate in the coming weeks, the russian investigation remains front and center as the president returns home. more politics ahead on this week i'm stephanie ramos abc news washington. >> this week comes your way at a special time 10:00 a.m., not 10:30. the guests dhs secretary john kelly and adam schiff. >> time for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, yesterday it wasn't too bad.
6:45 am
>> reporter: yesterday was pretty nice, comfortable and cool. there's a beautiful shot looking live on sky6 live hd, note the flags are not blowing in the wind. it's still out there, the humidity has come up a little bit, you'll notice that, that humidity will drop off this afternoon. again looks like a pleasant day around the delaware and lehigh valleys. the radars are clear, no rushes with precipitation today, 76 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for later on which is close to where we should be for this time of year, the normal 77 starting out at 61. allentown, 62. millville, 62. cape may, 61. satellite and radar nothing going on across the mid atlantic states this morning, just a couple of isolated showers across west virginia pushing into pittsburgh and western portions of pennsylvania, none of this will push into our neck of the woods. it will lift north through this part of the county. we'll have showers and thunderstorms that arrive overnight tonight, probably
6:46 am
after midnight as this system continues to block. we'll see an area of low pressure eventually develop that will pull north lifting this moisture along with it. what we're concerned about especially if you're a race fan, this front right here, this front is drifting to the east, it should move over the state of indiana during the first part of the afternoon. the 101st running of the indianapolis 3500 today. coverage begins at 1 1:00 a.m. the question is will this front trigger showers. this model brings the line through around 4:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m. most of the race should be over at that point. we hope that the timing on that is correct. back in the delaware valley we'll stop the clock at midday, sun and clouds this afternoon. winds off the water, the shorepoints on the cooler side.
6:47 am
everybody else enjoying high temperatures in the mid 70s. maybe a spritz or sprinkle for the lehigh valley and the poconos that's about it. here comes the round of rain after midnight tonight. this is 2:30 a.m. some of the downpours could redevelop especially north and west. according to this particular model, the timing has this out of here by 7:30, 8:00 a.m. a lot of you want to go to the memorial day parades, looks like the heavier rain will be gone, it will be damp and cloudy, but the falling rain will be north of you by then. by afternoon sun and clouds, pop-up shower or quick-hitting thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. not that big of a deal. 76 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, clouds and sun, 76 comfortable. millville, atlantic city, 67. trenton, 76, dover, 73. the poconos lots of clouds out there today. maybe a spritz or sprinkle in the evening hours, 68 degrees, lots of showers around 69.
6:48 am
jersey shore similar forecast lots of clouds, peeks of sunshine, not a bad day, 67. monday, memorial day lots of clouds and a couple of showers around high of 75. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're up to 82 degrees in the city tomorrow. finally starting to warm up a little bit. tuesday, partly sunny, isolated thunderstorm, 80. we get into a nice dry weather pattern, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, no chance of rain and high temperatures in the mid 70s or a combination of sun and clouds, when was the last time you saw four days in a row with no rain. >> it's been a while. millville new jersey air show continues today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the blue angels are the headliner, millville is the only site where they will perform in new jersey, delaware and eastern pennsylvania in 2017. don't miss it, we'll be right back.
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6:50 am
>> it is now 6:50 a.m., we want
6:51 am
to get you caught up on breaking news coming from north philadelphia. the intense fire we have learned that three fema died in the -- three people died in the fire. 52-year-old woman, 7-year-old boy and 9-year-old boy who was taken to the hospital died from his injuries at the hospital. the fire happened at 4:30 a.m. on the 1700 block of montgomery avenue. again, the latest on the breaking news. three people unfortunately have died in this fire, a woman and two young children, of course the latest on our website, we're working to get you a live report from the scene, when we get the crew there we'll bring it to you. >> 6:51 a.m., another rite aid pharmacy has prompted rite aid to take actions again. here's rick williams with the crime fighters report. >> reporter: delaware county rite aid was happened on may 1
6:52 am
at the location along the 1600 block of edgemont avenue in chester. >> subject comes in the store wearing a black hoodie and pants on foot gear that may be identifiable. >> reporter: the rite aid corporation is administering a five thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsibility. >> we're hoping that someone looks at the photograph and recognizes the foot gear and leg gear gets to us and gets to the police, we have a reward for you. >> reporter: call you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls remain anonymous, for crime fighters i'm rick williams. channel 6 "action news." >> there is a warning this morning if you're in delaware and you're looking to buy plants be on the look out for fire ants found in palm trees brought from
6:53 am
florida. if you find those ants report them right away. a man made an unusual catch during a day of fishing on a creek in central pennsylvania. rob spotted a bear cub in trouble in the water and pulled him into his boat. >> i grabbed it, i said don't bite me, it was calm as could be. >> wildlife officials say don't touch the bear, but he didn't want it to drown. the bear is okay and back in the woods.
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you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. with us, a medford, new jersey
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teenager beat the odds overcoming an injury that was supposed to end his athletic career. when it came to following doctors orders he had a different game plan. >> reporter: shawnee high school lacrosse star mike shinsky has never been afraid to puts on a helmet and take a hit. just two years ago he suffered a brain injury. >> i smashed my head, woke up about 5:00 a.m., in vertua was confused and throwing up not myself rushed to cooper hospital and icu for two weeks until they did my surgery. >> i think i was in a state of shock. if i could i wanted to switch places with him. >> reporter: after emergency surgery, doctors told him he would never play again. >> they told me that i was devastated. my parents know i've been
6:57 am
playing sports since i was 5, three sports all around. taking that hit from the doctors was out of nowhere. i knew i wasn't going to settle for that. >> reporter: he didn't, after a year of rigorous rehab, doctors cleared him to return to helmeted sports last spring. he scored two goals in his first game back. in the fall he played quarterback for shawnee football. >> are you scare scared to play? >> no. >> reporter: how is that possible. >> my parents are like how do you do it. >> reporter: they have to be worried. his remarkable come back story doesn't end at shawnee. in the fall he is taking his no fear mentality to penn state to play division one will lacrosse another sign he hadn't missed a beat returning to the field. >> it's an unbelievable
6:58 am
journey. he has had exceptional medical care. >> i was in a dark place for a long time coming out here with my teammates it's been a great inspiration. >> reporter: the senior is among the leading scorers in burlington county approving you can do anything if you put your mind to it. jeff skeverski channel 6 "action news." >> quite a story. 6:59. we continue to follow breaking news out of the north philadelphia. a massive fire ripped through a home, a woman and two children are dead. ahead going down memory lane on the battleship new jersey. teens in chester county help in the war against drugs. those stories and chris is back with the weekend holiday weather when "action news" sunday morning continues.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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breaking news from north philadelphia. three people died in a fire two of them children. >> intense flames ravaged two row homes on the 1700 block of north 6th street near montgomery avenue where "action news" reporter, bob brooks is gathering details this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: gray and in nydia,a horrible story and tragedy, the children 9 and 7 years, the woman who passed away, 52 years old. the smoke is thick in the area,